The Teaching Team

Tanya is the Founder of True North Yoga and Barossa Wellness. Tanya has had an interest in wellbeing since her early 20’s which culminated in a dedicated yoga practice over 12 years ago.

Tanya loves yoga for its capacity to build strength and flexibility (on all levels!) but it is the call to calm, center, shift perspective and set or re-set the day that underpins Tanya’s yoga practice.

Tanya has completed over 875hrs of certified yoga teacher training including 500hrs-RYT, Pre-Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Psychology & Meditation, including two trips to India for concentrated study and practice. Tanya has also managed and assisted yoga teacher trainings with teacher training school, Shantarasa Yoga, as well as educational workshops, retreats and events.

Prior to yoga, Tanya’s professional background spanned over a decade in injury management and as a rehabilitation consultant, and she is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition & Exercise).

The True North Yoga community, teachers, and beautiful space is a daily source of inspiration to Tanya for which she is grateful everyday.

Alana Morris at True North Yoga

Alana first found yoga when she was looking for a new direction in her life. Within weeks of practicing she noticed a shift in herself and quickly fell in love with the transforming effect of yoga. The more she experienced this effect, the more she wanted to know about this ancient practice. This search for deeper knowledge led her to completing yoga teacher training with Shantarasa Yoga.

The lessons that she learnt about the practice and herself throughout this training were life changing. Alana truly believes that yoga has the power to heal, transform and enrich lives and she is now passionate about sharing her knowledge as a teacher.

Her classes are designed for everyone and focus on linking breath with movement. She endeavours to teach classes that ensure that everyone has space to explore themselves within the postures and find their own rhythms throughout the class.

Alana sees the practice of yoga as a sanctuary. “Regardless of what is going on externally in the world around us, we have the ability to practice anytime to access the place of peace that exists within us all.”

Grace first went to a yoga class in 2017 when she was living in Adelaide’s CBD. At the time she was working in advertising and her mind was so busy that she never completely switched off and allowed herself to be in the practice. 

Her yoga journey really began in 2018 when she and her partner packed up and sold all of their belongings and moved to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. A girl Grace worked with there (now a great friend) encouraged her to go to a yoga class, as she noticed she could benefit from this practice.

After completing her first yoga class at Rocky Mountain Yoga and feeling this sense of calm and self-love afterwards, she knew she needed to continue this journey. After practicing and growing a deep love for yoga, she commenced her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training back home in Adelaide with Shantarasa Yoga.

Grace loves the strength both physically and mentally that yoga practice can cultivate in one’s self and the connection formed between body, breath and mind. She first fell in love with yoga, practicing Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, but in more recent times she has also developed a connection with Hatha Yoga.

For Kirsty, yoga has been a part of life off and on since she was a little girl, but it was guided meditation that really helped her to reconnect and breathe after severe illness, then Yoga followed.

Kirsty decided to dive deeper into her practise which led her to studying with Heather Agnew from Yoga Trinity, completing her 300hrs in Vinyasa yoga training. 

Why I do yoga: To keep me healthy and connected to who I am, to tune in and tune out so to speak.

By unifying the mind, body and breath with movement we can stay focused on the present  moment, ie: ourselves and what we are doing now, bringing an acute awareness to the self, while nourishing it, calming it, and learning about it along the way.

Kirsty’s classes bring strength and fluidity to each class, with a focus on the essence of each pose and how it feels for each individual while building on the practise of moving in unison with breath, body and mind.

Yoga is a tool box for life, if you are willing it is there for you whenever you need it to keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Kirsty is an artist, she has a Bachelor of Design degree from Uni SA and works from her studio at home as a jewellery designer/maker and artist. Creativity is her passion.

Right now she is really excited to learn more about Yin Yoga, and is training with Mel Mclaughlin.