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thai yoga massage

thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage: Mini Retreat

SUN 17 MARCH, 1.00-4.00PM

with leisa from intrinsic mind wellness

We’re thrilled to have Leisa from Intrinsic Mind Wellness back at True North Yoga to host this incredible 3-hour workshop.

Grab your partner or a friend, and experience deep relaxation, flexibility, and overall well-being! Thai Yoga Massage has a rich history of restoring balance to the body and mind, supporting healing and rejuvenation, is a fantastic modality for dynamic sports recovery, and whole body revitalisation.

In this workshop, Leisa will demonstrate a series of postures and massage techniques with step-by-step instructions, showing how to properly perform the stretches, apply gentle pressure, and ensure safety throughout the session. Participants then pair up, with one person practicing as the practitioner and the other as the recipient, and then switching so that you can experience both giving and recieving.

Leisa will move around the class, offering guidance, corrections, and support to ensure everyone feels confident practicing the techniques effectively. This hands-on approach allows for a shared learning experience that you can then integrate into life.


Thai yoga massage is a holistic therapy blending assisted yoga poses, gentle pressure, and stretching. It promotes relaxation, flexibility, and improved energy flow. Benefits include stress relief, increased mobility, and enhanced circulation.

Thai yoga massage, known as “Nuad Bo-Rarn” in Thailand, has roots tracing back over 2,500 years to the time of Buddha. Its origins intertwine with traditional Thai Medicine and the ancient Indian healing systems of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Legend suggests that Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a physician and contemporary of Buddha, played a pivotal role in its development. He integrated Ayurvedic techniques with yoga to create a healing practice that became what we now know as Thai Yoga Massage.

It gained prominence as a therapeutic practice and was passed down through generations. In the 20th century, it expanded beyond Thailand’s borders, gaining recognition worldwide for its therapeutic benefits and unique blend of assisted yoga poses, acupressure, and energy work.

Today, Thai yoga massage is celebrated globally as a holistic therapy that promotes relaxation, flexibility, and overall well-being. Its rich history and effectiveness in restoring balance to the body and mind continue to make it a sought-after practice for healing and rejuvenation.


Leisa Timms – Intrinsic Mind Wellness

Leisa is a qualified Thai Yoga Massage therapist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Fitness Instructor, and Wellness Coach with over 20 years of experience. Leisa’s passion lies in supporting your well-being and success.


SUN 17 MARCH, 1.00-4.00PM

$77 per person

$122 per couple