Community Yoga

Schools, Aged Care, People with Disability, Sporting Groups & Frontline Professionals

True North Yoga isn’t just held in the studio, it’s held in schools, aged care facilities, for people with disability, sporting groups and for Frontline personnel (Firefighters, Ambulance Officers, Doctors, Nurses, Defence).

Our teachers are all highly trained and skillful instructors specialising in a variety of areas and needs.

We design yoga programs that meet the specific needs of a broad cross section of the community. We’re passionate about making the incredible tools yoga offers available to all members of the community. There is a saying in the yoga community; if you can breath, you can practice yoga. Asana (the postures) are just one part of the practice of yoga and we enjoy creating programs that utilise the full spectrum of yoga practices to meet the goals of your group.

Whether it’s chair yoga, yoga for cyclists, trauma sensitive yoga, yoga for youth, or to compliment aged care, the instructors at True North Yoga are here to assist having worked with SANFL footballers, Adelaide and Metro schools, corporate organisations and in age care facilities, just to name a few.

Packages vary depending on the duration of the required program. Please contact us today for a quote. We look forward working with you.