True North Yoga
Class Types

Class Types

We have an amazing team of knowlegable and caring teachers to guide you through classes designed to meet your individual needs. So whether you’re here for some quite time to be with your breath, or for a firey practice to build strength, True North Yoga is here for you.

Here we learn to listen to our bodies and choose our practice accordingly. We’re different day to day depending on what’s going on in life which is why we offer a range of yoga methods.

Our studio classes are also livestreamed, so you can take classes with us anytime and anywhere in the world!

We look forward to seeing you soon for practice!



studio induction / private lessons


Induction / Private lessons are fantastic for all levels of practice. These are tailor made one-on-one lessons for new students, through to mentorship for experienced yoga practitioners. The sessions are designed to help you become familiar with the studio and practice if you’re new. For seasoned yoga students we work on the areas you request, including refining alignment and deepening your practice. If you are pregnant and wish to join classes, please book a private lesson first and then you’ll be good to go!

gentle yoga


Gentle Yoga is a nourishing yoga practice where we take things slow and lay the founations for a healthy, lifelong yoga practice. Establish, explore and grow your yoga practice at a gentle pace.
This is a great place to start if you are a BEGINNER or if you simply prefer a gentler yoga practice.

yin yoga


Sink deep into restorative postures targeting the deepest tissues of the body, finding space and stillness. Yin Yoga is a floor based practice where we use supportive yoga equipment and take time in held stretches to release tension targeting the deepest tissues of the body. This class is nourishing from the inside out and will bring balance and depth to your yoga practice.

flow & yin yoga


The first half of this class is a flowing yoga practice suitable for all levels of yoga experience using a combination of held postures and flowing breath and movement. The second half of this practice is a floor based yin yoga practice where we use supportive yoga equipment and take time in held stretches to release tension targeting the deepest tissues of the body. This class has the best of both worlds and will bring balance and depth to your yoga practice.

yoga flow


In this class you’ll move through your practice with a combination of held postures and flowing breath and movement, drawing on the roots of the Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga traditions. Connect with the breath, release tension and create steadiness and ease in body and mind. This grounding class is perfect for all levels of yoga experience.

core yoga


A dynamic and therapeutic practice where you will be guided through specific yoga poses to develop core strength and stability. Combining therapeutic yoga exercises with breath awareness you will leave the class with a deeper connection to your core and enjoy the benefits this brings to your life. Great for those who want to feel balanced and strong.

yoga for life


Yoga 4 Life is a strength and mobility class aimed at ages 50+ to encourage you to move more and move well. This class helps build strength and bone density for stability, and a healthy range of movement so you can keep doing the things you love in life!
Yoga also reduces stress, calming the mind, and enhances the sense of wellbeing in an atmosphere of fun, community, connection, and friendship. Yoga is for every-body and every stage of life, and we look forward to sharing this special class especially for our mature community members.

yoga for teens


In their busy and stimulated lives teens need yoga more than ever to develop calm, focus, resilience, healthy body awareness, confidence, unwind and have fun! Classes are tailored toward middle to high school aged youth and offered during school term.

mums & bubs yoga


Welcome to Mums & Bubs Yoga! A fun and easy going yoga practice for you and your little one!
This class is for Mums and their infants to toddlers. A “Mummy & Me” yoga practice where little ones can play and socialise around you and be included in your yoga practice.
You’ll have an opportunity to maintain your yoga practice, as well as learning ways to include your little one, and an opportunity to socialise with other mums.

yoga for everyday living 4-weeks


Yoga is a powerful practice to calm and revitalise yourself in mind, body, and spirit. In the Yoga for Everyday Living series you will be taught powerful and life changing practices to recharge, relax, build strength, and find flexibility; physically, mentally, and in your emotional state, as well as tapping into your creative spirit. This series has its origins in the ancient yogic teachings, delivered in an accessible and practical way to support you in modern life. If you are looking for wellbeing practices to build a life where you feel calm but energised, this series is for you! Discover various yogic principles and practices including yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation to support your life in a relevant and practical way for lasting change. The Yoga for Everyday Living series culminates in an incredible yoga nidra (guided relaxation) and soundbath experience that will have you feeling a deep sense of relaxation, calm, restoration, and rejuvenation.

meditation for everyday living 4-weeks


Meditation (Dhyana) is the seventh limb (practice) in Yoga and something we encourage all yogi’s to try! Meditation has profound benefits to body, heart and mind – the relaxation response improving heart rate, breathing and brainwaves, restoring calm, clarity and focus, developing a more mindful approach to study, work and life. In this course you’ll develop a range of meditation techniques, develop and maintain a regular practice, and reflect on your experiences.