Aged Care

Aged Care Yoga Sessions tailored to your needs

Yoga refreshes mind and spirit and there is an ever growing body of evidence on the benefits of yoga for older adults to maintain and increase mobility and strength, to improve bone density as well as lung function and balance. These physical benefits are coupled with the social and psychological well-being attributes of yoga that foster a sense of calm, connection and empowerment.

Yoga Sessions can be held in the studio as a day trip, or in your Care facility. We offer tailored programs for various levels of ability and mobility, including “Chair Yoga” for those that are mobile by chair, or prefer to take class in a chair.

We’re passionate about making the incredible tools yoga offers available to all members of the community. There is a saying in the yoga community; if you can breath, you can practice yoga. Asana (the postures) are just one part of the practice of yoga and we enjoy creating programs that utilise the full spectrum of yoga practices to meet the specific needs and goals of your group.

Packages vary depending on the duration of the required program. Please contact us today for a quote. We look forward working with you.